Apple watch faq

Hi, can someone either please direct me to apple watch faq or explain how to use the faq search. Search page hangs on my iPhone. Thanks

Took me a few times to work out the search. Type your search item then click “return” and then click “done”. That works on my iPhone.

Not sure there is an FAQ tho. You want to use it for HR? One tip that keeps popping up is to properly force close the app after each use.

Thanks, search is weird and only intermittently works. Anyway Yes I am one of the people having problems with hr and apple tv etc. Zwift need to sort this out. I am totally bemused by all the different connections between TV, companion etc. Can you please explain how to close the app?


To close

Press the side button to show the Dock of your open apps.
If no apps are open, you’ll see the below message that reads “Recently used apps appear here.” Otherwise, you’ll see a list of windows representing various apps (see picture in link). You can scroll through this list by swiping up or down on the watch display or by turning the digital crown.

Swipe left on any open apps you want to close. This will move the window to the left and reveal a red “X.”

The article also outlines how to force quit and restart watch if the above doesn’t work.

The Apple TV only has 3 Bluetooth channels. One is taken by the atv remote app zwift and other apps only can use 2. Of you want more you need to use the companion app. I’ve read in the recent update people reporting they are not longer able to use something connected to Apple TV and some other thing connected via companion. These people say they have to use everything through the companion app if they want to use the companion app for any pairing. I’m not sure if this is a bug or by design.

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. I will try this.

I use the Zwift companion app on my Apple Watch (series 4) with Zwift running on my Iphone 11 Pro Max. It was pairing and working fine up until about 1.5 weeks ago, but now it shows up in the pairing window and says it’s paired with Zwift, but the companion app on my watch persists to say “unpaired” and my hr doesn’t show up in my ride/in-game. Very frustrating.

I’ve tried rebooting all devices and completely closing apps on both my Apple Watch and phone and still not working.

Any suggestions?

Hi, I have the same issue. :frowning: I am flustered.

I have also had intermittent problems with the Apple watch. I have both the Zwift app and companion app on my watch. Always syncs with the zwift app, don’t know how it chooses. Do we need both on the watch? Does it cause a problem?

Best success with turning on “don’t disturb durnig workouts” on the watch, and raising my arm to check a HR every minute or so.