Apple TV

When riding through APPLE TV and switching the channel to TV, the ride stops.

Hi Marek,

You are changing the application on the AppleTV so, yes, it will stop. If you switch from App 1 to App 2 on the AppleTV and use the remote, the remote will not continue to control App 1 even though it’s still running. Same principle with your Bluetooth devices connected to Zwift.


Thans you for answer, but I think switching to TV no APPLE TV and the ride stops.

I know this happens to me with not Zwift related things as well on the Apple TV. If you have a universal remote it might be sending a “menu” command or even exit to the AppleTV which would stop Zwift, I know that it stops video playback on the appleTV when I go to my normal TV.

If you have a universal remote (like Harmony One…etc) see if you can program it to not send that command. I have not done this myself because it is was not really an issue for me at the the time.

Or try manually changing your entertainment system to your TV with leaving the AppleTV on and see if that works (if you have not done this yet).