Apple TV

I am not really sure its apple tv related but i have been using it since returning after almost a year of absence. Anyways, I feel that the watts jump all over the place, i do not feel its realistic. Earlier today i was pushing 4.2w/kg and this dude doing 2.8w/kg passed me. Very very weird as this is impossible. Sometimes i am riding and a dude is like 3 seconds behind me, the next second he passes me. I also believe that when going around a corner i always go way out and lose a few meters when following someone.

Something very strange is going on here and it might be the increase of people in the world. When riding back at the beginning of 2017 you hardly ever had this amount of riders online. 

Something i really don’t understand is why it is not possible to select a world you want to ride in.

What pisses me off aswell is when riding +0.5W/kg more than the cyclist you’re catching up but you get locked behind him/her.