Apple TV + Watt in Training


I have two problems with at moment:

1.When I want to start a training or free ride i can´t see any other zwift driver on my apple tv. When I log on to the ipad I can see other drivers. If no other drivers are shown the ride will not be saved.
2.In the training program my wattage is not adapted to the training. For example, if I have to pedal 80 watts for 5 minutes, it is possible to pedal 200 watts without increasing the resistance by the trainer (tacx flux 2) automaticily.

Hi @Jurgen_Braukmuller,

Welcome to the forum. Let’s see if I can help.

  1. There is currently a bug in the Richmond course where you don’t see other riders if using appleTV, this bug is found and a fix is on it’s way in the next update, soon. You should be able to see other riders in the Watopia world.

  2. Did you pair your trainer as Powersource and Controllable?

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