Apple Tv vs Ant+

You should set your windows schedule not to update and restart automatically. This is how.

My PC must be special because it just works too. In fact it’d be really weird if it didn’t, thinking about it.


I use Apple TV and wahoo kicker, Zwift can’t find my Garmin chest HRM? Do I need an Ant+ thing?

One of the Garmin HRMs has Bluetooth, some of the older versions don’t.

Expanding on Chris’s answer: Apple TV does not support ANT+ so if the HRM doesn’t do Bluetooth, you’ll need a newer one. If your Garmin has a snap-on transmitter, pull it off and look on the back. If there’s a Bluetooth logo (Garmin HRM-DUAL model) then it should work. If it doesn’t have a snap-on transmitter, or if the Bluetooth logo is not there, it won’t work with Apple TV.

Thanks guys