Apple TV versus iPhone app experiences

When I use the iPhone Zwift app, climbs are incredibly harder than with the Apple TV 4 app. (Cycleops Hammer trainer).

With the iPhone app, Especially the steeper climbs of 10% grade or higher, I cannot stay seated; even in my lowest gearing. Standing is required, else my cadence might drop to zero against the resistance. Going to my big chainring can just about bring me to a halt. (By the way, this is more like actual 20 to 25 percent grades in real life)

But using the Apple TV app, I can spin up the 15% grades seated.

Why is there a difference. Could it be that I have one or the other set up improperly (if there is a separate setup for each)?

Ken in Dallas

Do you have the trainer difficulty set the same on both devices? That can make a difference.

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Maybe not. I guess I was thinking that the trainer difficulty was set in my personal Zwift account settings; not from different devices. Didn’t even consider that it might be different. That’s worth looking into. Thank you