Apple TV Sensor Limit

Been away from Zwift since March, is Apple TV still limited to only two sensors still or has it been updated?

Still limited to two devices. There is always hope that the next release of Apple TV OS will change this, but :man_shrugging:

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Thanks, I might go look for a Kickr replacement that measures cadence like the Neo.

Have you tried using the companion app to gate multiple sensors into a single data feed? I use this and it works great.

Also, think about using a 4iiii HRM or Cable device to route multiple sensors into one bluetooth signal.

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Hi, yes, I used to use it exclusively through the companion app as splitting between the two caused too much hassle.
I was just curious as I want to start on Zwift again and be nice to have the least possible things connected.

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I have a NEO along with a 4iiii Viiiiva HRM which bridges my ANT+ power meter (p2max). Cadence and power from my p2max along w/HR are all one connection from the Viiiiva. Neo connects directly as the Controllable trainer. This setup works great! No need for pairing devices via the Companion app.