Apple TV - how can I read description?

I’ve recently started using Zwift on AppleTV, and whilst it mostly works great, I’m confused how to view the description. For example:

I can’t see any way of accessing this scroll bar. If I go right as far as possible, I end up on the power slider, and up and down just increase the power.

There doesn’t seem to be any way of selecting it. Surely I’m missing something?

Which remote do you have? My guess is that you can navigate to the slider on the right side of the description, but that this might be tricky because the remote is very touchy.

I just bought the brand new 2022 Apple TV. I have the same problem with using my iPhone though.

Workouts selected (at the top of the table):
Right, it moves you to plans.
Down moves you to an actual workout

Actual workout selected:
Right moves to ‘ERG mode’

Workout button:
Right takes you to power slider
Up takes you to ERG mode

ERG mode selected:
Right takes you to power
Down takes you to the workout button
Left/Up takes you to the workout table

Powerbar selected:
Right - no action
Left - takes you to ‘Use ERG mode’

Is this a bug?