Apple TV Hardwired and Companion

Hello all, does anyone know if I can hardwire my Apple TV to my router and use Companion? I tired it today without success,

Yes, it should work. I have my PC hardwired and use the ZCA without issue. They both need to be connected to the same router, using cellular data will not work.

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Yes. I have my ATV hardwired and ZC works just fine.

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Same with me. Hard wired ATV and use companion on my phone.

Yes, works just fine.
My ATV is also hardwired.
No problems with the ZCA.

Sounds like your phone isn’t on the name network as your Apple TV. If it’s an iPhone then turn off Wifi Assist in the iPhone Settings, otherwise the phone might be using data instead of wifi, and that will make the Companion not connect to your Zwift session.

Thanks folks, I appreciate you taking the time to reply

Others here have nailed it. You have to have both bluetooth AND wifi turned on for your mobile device running the ZCA. And the mobile device must me connected via wifi to the same network your Apple TV is hardwired to. Happy Zwifting