Apple TV - end of ride experience

2 items I’m trying to figure out, both occur post ride:

  1. ATV loses WiFi connection for a few minutes (for no apparent/ obvious reason), then comes back on so I can save the ride. Any experience and insights on fix?

  2. pictures are not loading to Strava. Photos have uploaded on occasion (less than 20% of the time). I generally attempt to upload 2-3 pictures per ride.


A couple of thoughts:

First, hardwire your ATV, if at all possible. Everything just works a bit more smoothly if you can do that.
Second, if hardwiring is not possible, check your WiFi router settings and see if it is set to ‘best channel’ or to a specific channel. If not set to a specific channel, change that setting and pick either 1 or 11. Sometimes when the router is trying to find the ‘best’ channel it will disconnect the ATV for a bit. If this happens while you’re saving your ride, too bad, so sad.

As for the pictures: Are you seeing the ‘Ignored’ and ‘Upload’ or whatever it says) beneath the pictures when you are saving your rides? If not, there’s clearly an issue I have not seen. If you are seeing this, make sure the ones you want (I think you can only upload up to 3 of the up to 5 pictures available) have the green check and you should be OK (though it sometimes takes a bit of time for the pictures to actually show up in Strava.

I hope this helps at least a bit. Keep us updated on your progress.

If you’re talking about a message that popups when you go to save that says something about being disconnected and reconnecting, I saw this happening for a bit over a month, but it didn’t affect my rides or uploads. So, I didn’t really look for a solution to the problem. However, one day I did notice that my Orbi (Wifi) needed a firmware update. And in the firmware release notes, it mentions a bug fix for connection disconnects. I upgraded and haven’t seen the issue again. When I think back, I think it probably started the last time I upgraded the firmware :man_shrugging:

As for the picture issue, I can’t help you. I only upload the automatic picture. Never had an issue.

  • Manually double check you are running the latest version of Zwift.
  • Make sure you force quit Zwift after each ride.
  • Make sure you force quit the Companion app after each ride.