Apple TV during 'workout mode'

Whenever i do a structured workout after about 5 mins into an interval all the screen starts to go blurred (lines running horizontally) accross screen. I soon as i hit the arc at end of interval it dissapears. Only to re-appear on next interval. Can still see data on screen etc so can complete worlout. Just annoying. Only happens on workout mode. Any ideas?

This is in your game settings.

I can’t remember exactly what it’s called, but if you turn it off, you’ll stop getting the blurry bits.

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Sounds like you need to go into the settings and turn off ‘workout pain effect’. It’s a strange setting, but it’s meant to simulate the blurred vision you might get at the end of a hard interval. If you are seeing this at the end of intervals that don’t feel particularly hard you may have your FTP set too low.


Thanks Nigel :slight_smile: