Apple TV crash while voice texting

Was in a group ride (Herd Ride, 7:30am edt on 7/12) and went to create a message using speech entry. Most of the message appeared in the entry box, then the Zwift app crashed and restarted. Rejoining put me back in the correct world (Scotland) but did not rejoin the group. My workout up to that point did not post to Strava. Also, when I came back the effort graph only was filled in for a bit, then switched to just a single gray line (see pic), but then filled in as I was exiting the workout. I’ll admit that I was going to text a pretty bad dad joke but dumping me out of the ride is a little harsh, don’t you think?

ATV latest 4K, Zwift v1.43.2 (114628)

It depends how bad the joke was. Maybe it’s the new AI version of the language filter that pre-emptied how bad it was going to be.

On a serious note I’ve never heard of this happening. I know people use speech to text as group leaders but never heard of it causing an issue.

Perhaps if you dare risk it again and it happens again it might need investigating.

Oh hell no. It’ll probably format my flash drive. I’m a reformed character now.

Edit: OK, I might try it again, purely for diagnostic purposes, but not in a group ride. But then it’s like a tree falling in the forest. Why would the Bad Dad Joke Autoboot AI care about my terrible dad jokes if nobody is around?

Hi @J_Terrell ,

Were you using your Siri remote to use speech to text, or was this on your Zwift Companion device?

The remote.

Tried texting via Siri remote a few times during a ride yesterday and it worked fine.