Apple TV connection loop

Apple TV connection infinite loop.
When we switch from user1 on trainer 1 with a HRM to user 2 on trainer 2 with clicker shifter on an Apple TV, we go into an infinite loop. When we select Trainer 2 to connect, it says Bluetooth connections exceeded and asks if we want to connect through companion. In the background it shows the last HRM being connected still, even though the HRM is turned off. The speed or cadence sensors must also remember Trainer 1, which make it have over 2 Bluetooth connections, even though trainer 1 and HRM are powered off. If we click cancel, it just returns us to the same screen with no selections. If we click the power meter box and choose trainer 2, we get the error message again. If we select use companion (which we don’t want to do) it also goes back to the same screen. If we enter Zwift without making connections and try to do it inside Zwift using the connection tab, the same thing happens.

The only way out of the loop is to unplug the Apple TV, wait a minute and start over again.

Can you please fix by error soon please?

Have you tried just force-closing the Zwift app between users (which is a good practice)? This should close out any open BT connections.

How do you force close an app?