Apple TV bluetooth range

Hello, been using Zwift on my mac with a kickr fine for ages and its great, tried it with an apple tv today but its finding the kicker but can’t get a signal.  The apple TV is in a rack room which is 30 meters away and on another floor from the kickr so I’m guessing the distance is the issue.  Any way around this that people have found to extend the range or make it work\?  cheers 

30m on Bluetooth LE is a demand in line of sight.  Through a floor and with other interference is never going to work.  Its pretty much meant to be line of sight in the same room.  Mine does pick up my HRM around my house within about 15m.

There is no way to extend it.  Your only option would be to use ZML on the same wifi network I think.

I’m having the same problem. My Apple TV works perfectly with Bluetooth speaker at about 10m LOS . But drops my kicker and HR Meter at 3-4 meters.