Apple Tv Bluetooth fail again!

Zwift does not recognize any bluetooth devices on apple tv again (feb 8)

Totally unacceptable issue at this point.

Update permissions

The permissions thing was done a long time ago. So unless you haven’t updated your AppleTV OS in over a year or you recently reset all the settings, that is not the solution. Recent updates to TV OS did not change/overwrite the existing setttings. That is, if it was working before, the update didn’t change the setting.

The same can be said for recent Zwift updates.

My friends and I on AppleTV with Neo or Kickr all have no issues using direct Bluetooth connections to the AppleTV.

Everything was looking good at the connexion page.

Then the “no signal” messages appeared. Tried to restart, then it was stuck at “searching”, for all devices (Saris H3, Garmin HRM, 4iii PM). Tried for 40 minutes to connect the dvevices (restarts, closing and reopening app), to no avail.

Then, right after the race (which I did on my cell phone), it started working again…

Have you checked to be sure your devices aren’t connected to another device (like your phone)? Bluetooth is a 1-to-1 connection, so if they are already connected to something else they won’t be able to connect to your ATV.

Shooj from Zwift HQ recently posted that his garmin app on his phone would steal his signal even when he wasn’t using the garmin app, it was running in the background on his phone. He had to uninstall it so that it would stop searching and stealing the signal from his Saris H3 while he was Zwifting.

Ah… You have an H3. There are entire threads about the H3 and Bluetooth issues. Something “special” about the Saris H3 is resulting in your problems. Yes, everyone says the H3 worked fine before, but then either an Apple TV OS update or a Zwift update broke it :man_shrugging:

I suggest making sure that any apps on your phone that might connect to the H3 are force quit before you start Zwift. On the Apple TV, make sure you force quit the Zwift app after each ride. Lastly, force quit the Companion app after each ride as well.

Here is the current main thread regarding the H3 and Bluetooth:

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I’m having the same issue. So frustrating what’s going on???