Apple TV and in game power

Hi everyone

I have been zwifting for over a year and progressed from wheel on to direct drive. i use the elite Direto now which has been faultless.

When i switch from wheel on to direct drive i noticed a small loss in power about .2w/kg but no big issue.

Recently i have switched from zwift on PC to zwift on Apple TV and i have seen a loss in power of 0.5w/kg.

Before the switch i was regularly hitting 3.3/3.5 w/kg now i am only making 2.7/2.9w/kg and i am killing myself doing it.

I have made no changes to the Direto other than to check its calibration using the elite app, it is perfect. I have also calibrated using the in game calibration, both times having ridden the trainer for 20 minutes to warm everything up.

Yesterday during a time trial i road for just a few minutes at 4.1w/kg but zwift has only recognised my max 30 second effort as 3.7w/kg.

I am struggling to understand why my perceived effort is so high why my recorder power is much lower than my expectation.

Is there something i am doing wrong setting up the Apple TV? Otherwise Zwift works very well.

Help and advice needed.


I cannot imagine how this is an Apple TV problem. I dual record power w/my Apple TV and a Garmin. The numbers are identical.

Wheel on to direct drive – often very different.
PC to Mac or iPhone or AppleTV, etc… – data is data, values should always be the same.

You need to dual record if you want to compare. Direto to Garmin and Zwift simultaneously.