Apple tv 4K, where is screenshot?

(Artur Kubinski) #1

Apple tv 4K, where is screenshot?
I’m doing a photo on the remote or via mobilezwift. I see a flash. But photos on the phone how and where to look for the tv apple?

(Benjamin Bishop) #2

So the screenshots will not be saved anywhere on the Apple TV. If you take the screenshot while using the Companion app, the photos will show up in your photo gallery on your phone, which is labeled as “Photos” on iOS and most Android devices. Also if you have your Zwift account linked to third party sites, like Strava, your screenshot should show up on there too, as long as the site allows the screenshot.

(Artur Kubinski) #3

Strange, I used Companion, but the pictures are not on my iPhone. I will check again today.

(Artur Kubinski) #4

My phone had a wrong photo permission setting. It’ ok now. Thanks