Apple TV 4K Wahoo Kickr Erg mode problems

(Ed Oliver) #1

Wahoo Kickr 2016 + Apple TV 4K + BT Heart Monitor + IPad Zwift MobileLink

A couple of irritating issues happening very regularly now…

  1. I wake up the Apple TV,  log into Zwift, connect sensors (Apple TV BT for Kickr & Cadence, ZwiftMobile link for HRM), select workout and course (with Erg Mode highlighted) - start ride BUT frequently the Erg mode does not engage - you start the workout, the power fluctuates and toggling the onscreen Erg mode on/off switch makes NO difference - the only way to get the ERG mode to engage is to quit the ride, unplug the Apple TV and restart it. Is this a software problem?

  2. Doing a Zwift workout in Erg mode, complete an interval at a specific power OK but if the interval is followed by “Free ride” period the ERG mode does not disengage and your “free ride” can only be done at the power level you were at prior to it (OK if it’s 150W but not if its 300W for me!!!). Is this a software problem?

(Felix Gunnoeux) #2

I got the same set up except iphone ZML. but I’m having the oppisite of your problem. I don’t want to be in erg mode its turned off. When I begin a ride I have no resistance, no need to change gears can climb 13% hill in big chainring. When its working correctly I have to change gears and I can feel the terrian. Two set-ups side by side one for me and one for my wife, all bluetooth, nightmare hooking everything up, especially tickr HRM, constantly “no signal” and drops. Spent alot of money to argue with spouse over this crap.We were doing that for free 


(Lisa Martin) #3

Ed - thanks for the hint of unplugging the AppleTV. I’m having the same problems with the same set up.

(Russell Horn) #4

I’m experiencing this too. Workout mode is currently useless with an Apple TV 4k, at least when combined with a Kickr (mines a first generation).

I submitted a support ticket, but it’s unacknowledged at present.

(Felix Gunnoeux) #5

Mine is hit or miss, I did unplug Apple TV and start over and this seems to work every time. I do spindown test on wahoo only, that is recommended best accuracy