Apple TV 4k remote issues

I struggle sometimes, seems to be sporadic though. Sometimes I’m in & out, select everything I need easily. Other times there’s one false move and suddenly my FTP slider is going up and down, then I know I’m in trouble. :man_facepalming:

When it isn’t working well it feels like there’s no logic to which “frame” will be selecting by moving up/down/left/right.

It’s definitely (in my expert opinion :roll_eyes:) the Zwift menu(s) format that’s the issue as if I go to rename a ride after I’m finished then suddenly I can navigate the on screen keyboard easily again.

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Just started Zwifting today! Rather, TRIED to start today…

I’m on ATV4k and basically have no way to navigate in Zwift–couldn’t select a training or plan, unable to start a race intentionally (I did seem to actually get my avatar on a back by clicking the “Menu” button repeatedly, though it wasn’t clear what I had selected).

Very disappointing. Almost 6 months since these issues were brought up makes me wonder whether I should even consider Zwift–simple, backbreaking UI bugs should be prioritized!

I almost threw my Apple TV out the window today trying to select a workout. I spent almost an hour trying to get the remote to select a workout beyond the selected submenu option that was already open. I can move between the 6 or so workouts within this one submenu but cannot select any others. It just scrolls me directly to start the workout no matter how slow I try to scroll. Absolute garbage. It’s easier for me to screen share from my phone, but my wife uses an Android and the Apple TV is the easiest solution for us both, assuming we can get the apple remote to work. How can this be your main source of usage? It’s pretty useless right now, well unless I just want to do the same workout over and over again.

I have the same issue others are experiencing. Remote works fine in other apps and sensitivity is set to low. If I am on a customize page and ever so slightly scroll down it will jump several items, this is with nothing else connected on bluetooth. I tried the workouts page and it was impossible to select anything. I was going to try and use my harmony, but it doesn’t emulate the swipe function, so its out as an alternative.

yep, same here. They need to seriously fix the AppleTV remote usage in the Zwift app. It’s painful. I haven’t switched my equipment in game in weeks due to this.

This is my #1 complaint on the AppleTV side of Zwift.

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What is the fix plan for this problem?

The issue here is that Zwift did not create a seperate tvOs version of Zwift, but instead uses the iOs version for the AppleTv4k (and all AppleTv’s in general). I’ve heard they’re planning on creating a new tvOs version for Zwift with brand new UI especially for the tvOs ( which AppleTv uses), but I don’t know the status of it … that’s the only way to fix this remote control issue and is what most (all?) companies do, hence the remote control works in all other apps, at least which I’ve tested on the AppleTv, except for the Zwift app.


I have no problem selecting a workout in the list but almost every time I try to get out of the list and go to the OK button I instead end up changing my FTP. One simple solution could perhaps be to use the remote control “play” button to leave the list and jump to the OK button? I tried hitting the “play” button today but nothing happened so it isn’t implemented yet.

Has the remote issues been fixed?? I can’t use the remote or my app remote on my TV. I am having trouble just logging in on Apple TV because I can’t select login with the remote. PLEASE ADVISE!!

For me the issue seems to have improved. I am not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but I turned off the options under HOME THEATER CONTROL (control volume and power for TV). There may have also been an app update recently. It doesn’t jump around like it did. I can go in and occasionally overshoot a selection, but previously it was impossible to select anything in the workout screen or customize the bike.

Frequently I lose time just trying to select something. There are delays on the app response to the remote keypad.

I’m also hoping they fix this soon. Used to regularly use workouts when I was on a PC but now I’m using Apple TV and get so frustrated with the workouts menu that I don’t even try anymore.

One more voice for problems with ATV remote.

When looking at a race results it’s very difficult to go through and give people ride ones. Most of the time when I try to scroll down the page to see other riders it shoots me off to the close button no matter how slowly and carefully I do it.

Also, when looking at a ride summary, if I want to to scroll down the page to see who gave me ride ons it is impossible to do. It just moves me to the close button. Again, this happens no matter how slowly or carefully I try to do it.

ATV4K with new remote, fully charged. Works perfectly with every other app including other games.

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I’ve been using Apple TV 4K with the remote, and I have the same problems that others are talking about here.

I believe the problem is that Zwift treats the remote much like a mouse pointer rather than a selection cursor. It should allow the user to move up, down, right and left by simply tapping on (and not clicking) the corresponding direction on the remote.

Most other Apple TV apps work this way, and Zwift should too.

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Hi everyone who’s watching this most upvoted and most replied-to thread on all Zwift’s bug section forum :facepunch:

I want to update you on this huge problem with the AppleTv remote and Zwift

Just talked to one of Zwift’s key person and he told me they’re redesigning the UI with ATV in mind. If they can mange that, it should also simplify the UI for all other platforms.
They are redesigning it now but it’s a big project that will affect all platforms as described above. This is not going to happen overnight. This is a project for Zwift this spring and summer.

So … when will this fixed version be relased you guys ask?
Hard for them to say at this point but certainly ahead of their high season next Fall. It’s a priority work at Zwift.

Let’s hope this work goes well at Zwift, good luck guys, loads of users waiting for this! :cowboy_hat_face::nerd_face:


A UI redesign is one thing, but the Apple TV app needs to be written to and for the Apple TV which should bring improvements. Currently, as far as I know it is a modified port of the iOS app, not written natively for tvOS.

That said, the remote functionality is not nearly as bad as everyone here in this thread or forum makes it out to be. I’m not saying there are not problems, but it is definitely usable for a great many, dare I say majority of users, including myself.

Here are a few tips:

  • Charge the battery.
  • Adjust the sensitivity setting.
  • Use Apple TV remote app.
  • Disable Voiceover.
  • Have some patience.

Struggling with the Apple remote like everybody else, tried my Logitech Harmony but that pretty much doesn’t work at all with Zwift!

Disagree. I just signed up and trying to use the app on an AppleTV 4k. The menuing is slow, rough, and not configured correctly. Most of the time the “menu” button, which should be go backwards, selects an option instead. There are places where exiting and cancelling isnt even an option or obvious one and I end swiping out of the app to re-enter. Loads of frustration, the TVOS app needs to be re-written. At least with a Wahoo trainer, the spindown doesnt work at all. It goes to 1mph and sticks there (never 0, even through the trainer isnt moving) and then it fails because it doesnt do a full spindown.

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Add me to the list. This issue has forced me to look at alternative apps. Zwift has so much potential, but the ATV app is nearly useless due to navatigation problems. Add the near useless Apple Watch companion app for heart rate. For a company to charge $15 per month for something so buggy and things that work only half time…I intend to try another app. Maybe it wont be as cool, but if it works. really Zwift, who wants to finish a 40 miles workout and then send 5 minute fighting the damn ATV app?

What other cycling apps are on Apple TV?