Apple TV 4k remote issues

(Ricky) #161

I struggle sometimes, seems to be sporadic though. Sometimes I’m in & out, select everything I need easily. Other times there’s one false move and suddenly my FTP slider is going up and down, then I know I’m in trouble. :man_facepalming:

When it isn’t working well it feels like there’s no logic to which “frame” will be selecting by moving up/down/left/right.

It’s definitely (in my expert opinion :roll_eyes:) the Zwift menu(s) format that’s the issue as if I go to rename a ride after I’m finished then suddenly I can navigate the on screen keyboard easily again.

(Joe) #162

Just started Zwifting today! Rather, TRIED to start today…

I’m on ATV4k and basically have no way to navigate in Zwift–couldn’t select a training or plan, unable to start a race intentionally (I did seem to actually get my avatar on a back by clicking the “Menu” button repeatedly, though it wasn’t clear what I had selected).

Very disappointing. Almost 6 months since these issues were brought up makes me wonder whether I should even consider Zwift–simple, backbreaking UI bugs should be prioritized!

(Wayne) #163

I almost threw my Apple TV out the window today trying to select a workout. I spent almost an hour trying to get the remote to select a workout beyond the selected submenu option that was already open. I can move between the 6 or so workouts within this one submenu but cannot select any others. It just scrolls me directly to start the workout no matter how slow I try to scroll. Absolute garbage. It’s easier for me to screen share from my phone, but my wife uses an Android and the Apple TV is the easiest solution for us both, assuming we can get the apple remote to work. How can this be your main source of usage? It’s pretty useless right now, well unless I just want to do the same workout over and over again.

(Alan) #164

I have the same issue others are experiencing. Remote works fine in other apps and sensitivity is set to low. If I am on a customize page and ever so slightly scroll down it will jump several items, this is with nothing else connected on bluetooth. I tried the workouts page and it was impossible to select anything. I was going to try and use my harmony, but it doesn’t emulate the swipe function, so its out as an alternative.

(Jeremy) #165

yep, same here. They need to seriously fix the AppleTV remote usage in the Zwift app. It’s painful. I haven’t switched my equipment in game in weeks due to this.

This is my #1 complaint on the AppleTV side of Zwift.

(M Yas (URC)) #166

What is the fix plan for this problem?

(Eiki Egilz) #167

The issue here is that Zwift did not create a seperate tvOs version of Zwift, but instead uses the iOs version for the AppleTv4k (and all AppleTv’s in general). I’ve heard they’re planning on creating a new tvOs version for Zwift with brand new UI especially for the tvOs ( which AppleTv uses), but I don’t know the status of it … that’s the only way to fix this remote control issue and is what most (all?) companies do, hence the remote control works in all other apps, at least which I’ve tested on the AppleTv, except for the Zwift app.