Apple TV 4k remote issues


I hear you loud and clear. I often use my iPhone to do some misc tasks like changing bikes, kit, etc… While I do not have all of the problems many here complain of, I definitely agree that the remote could use some love from the coding team. While it works for me, it could def be better in so many ways.

If I remember correctly, the Apple TV interface is due for a refresh in January. Hopefully, that includes a better remote experience as well.

I just got the ATV gen 4…definite upgrade from my laptop but day 1 was very frustrating due to remote issues. Read your post, charged battery…voila, not perfect but significantly better. Thank you.

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Is anyone using the Logitech Harmony Hub for Zwift on AppleTV 4K? I don’t want to spend the $$ only to find it works on everything BUT Zwift. My old 650 remote works fine for every app other than Zwift. The ATV remote is a major PITA, especially trying to select rides. I’ve downloaded the Harmony app on my Samsung phone and am hoping I’d be able to use that as my ATV remote with the Zwift Companion app.

I’ve tried it @Silque, doesn’t work. Zwift on ATV4K doesn’t accept any IR commands from external device, i.e. The Harmony Elite or a bluetooth keyboard, unlike all other apps I’ve ever tried on iOS.

The Zwift UI for ATV4K will be updated and hopefully fixed in January 2020, we’ve been waiting for 1,5 year for this.

Thx, you just saved me $90. Hope they get this fixed as I dread logging onto Zwift, knowing it’ll be a hassle trying to select a ride.
Update: Here’s hoping they enable IR on Zwift’s ATV app as that would solve everyone’s problem. Knowing zippo about gaming coding/programming, is this a huge undertaking?

I’ve been having the same troubles with the remote for the two years I’ve been on Zwift. Others have mentioned that the workouts can be accessed by using the companion app. Im using an Apple Iphone SE. Can someone tell me how to access the workouts via companion app? Thanks!

What troubles are you having?

Same as most others on this thread. Apple TV remote will not allow me to scroll through the list of workouts in the “Training” menu.

Interesting. I have never had that issue with my ATV 4K remote.

I sure hope this January 2020 fix is true. My wife and I and another couple we know just bought ATV4K to be able to stop carrying laptop computers, mouses, and power supplies to our basement home pain caves for every workout. This atv remote behavior in Zwift greatly depreciates the investment.

Good luck fixing this up, Zwift team!

Same thing here. I confirm IR from Harmony Remotes and Bluetooth Keyboards do not work on ATV (4th Gen) & 4K. This is very frustrating.

Sweatiness and/or heart rate seem to be the main obstacles for me. :flushed:

I am so frustrated with this issue. Sometimes a atv 4th gen cursor on stupid touch pad works but mostly not. Is only a problem within Zwift. Guys this is def a firmware bug, needs to be sorted like yesterday. I wasted 30 mins trying to get it to work, gave up and went down pub instead😡. My Crestron remote is same and from atv app so not the stupid atv remote.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted all the followers of this most-upvoted bug on Zwift created in September of 2018 with 10.400 views and 214 replies, to know that the testing of the updated fixed UI for AppleTv is in the final stages and will be released very soon.

Hopefully that will be the end of this nightmare, and we can begin easily selecting our workouts and less frustration before beginning our workouts :sunglasses:


This appears still not to be fixed at over a year later. Frustrating.

@Ian_Walker1 look at my post from 2 days ago, just above yours


when are we thinking for the release. Been about 30 odd days since the last update…doesn’t Zwift work or a rough 3 week rollout?

Thanks, for some reason didn’t register your comment. That’s good news! Guess I’ll keep my recently purchased Apple keyboard :slightly_smiling_face:

Just heard from Zwift and the UI update for AppleTv4k ( and other AppleTv’s of course ) will not be ready until the end of February now.

Will keep you updated since I know lots of people are waiting for this fix

Regards from stormy Iceland :crazy_face:

Thanks, i was actually just going to post a forum entry on this. Very frustrating. Obviously better to have a working version than a buggy version.