Apple TV 4k remote issues

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RGT (was Road Grand Tours)

Is there any progress?

Hey Cory, this is strange. i have been on ATV since December and have had zero issues. Link Kickr, HR and Cadence through NPE Cable (ANT±Ble convertor) and Controllable Kickr thorough BLE. To complete a spindown i connect the power source and controllable directly to ATV (so no cable sending other devices) works no problem.Navigation isn’t the easiest with the remote cont. You could try adjusting the sensitivity but again over time it has become ok for me to use. I would prefer a keyboard.

But compared to my PC I’m online and either working out or racing much quicker than i would be waiting for a PC to start up.

Agreed. They need to support normal D-pad remotes and not the stupid ATV remote.

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Is there any progress?

I’ve had big problems using the remote (AppleTV 4K) since february. The app has been automatically updated since. Selecting a specific route is still a pain.

However I’ve noticed that using my iPhone as a remote instead makes it a little easier.

Still I believe the Swift app for AppleTV needs a major overhaul when it comes to using the remote. I have not experienced as problematic behaviour in any other AppleTV app.


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I’ve been using the Apple remote with Apple TV 4K without problems until I dropped it on the concrete floor yesterday and smashed the touch screen. Replaced it with the much cheaper Apple remote but I can only select default options with in the app. The direction buttons on the remote have no effect. I can’t for example change the route. Can’t save (although I can do that via the companion app). I don’t have an apple phone so thats not an option.

same i hoped the cheaper remote with d pad would fix my issues but the buttons don’t work. A bit like with the 4k touch remote instead of swiping you can tap on a direction and it should work like a dpad. It does this in all other apps on apple tv but not zwift.

It really is the worst remote i’ve ever used and zwift makes it 10 times worse by not supporting dpad functionality.


When will it be improved?

LOL, how did you ever think to try this combo??

Apple 4K TV Remote issues I had as a ride leader resulted in 4 riders getting zapped because I couldn’t take the fence off. The controller is difficult enough to use at the best of times, but whilst riding at 250w is incredible difficult to use. Setting the fence on and off is the hardest of all tasks. It’s a real shame it can’t be controlled through the Companion app.
I’ve tried a BT keyboard, but the up, down, sideways keys down work In Zwift through Apple 4K TV…this is crazy!