Apple TV 4K on max setting?

(Paul Lumley) #1


Is the ATV 4K capable of a higher standard setting? ie shadows etc.

And, if so any timeline for upping the display quality?



(Gerrie Delport) #2

I don’t think the ATV has the processing power to do a higher setting. Even with a PC you need a good graphics card.

(David K) #3

Gerrie is right. While we may be able to optimize the game to freshen up the graphics a tad in the future, the AppleTV is limited by the hardware inside and neither the processor or graphics chipset are capable of much higher display quality.

(. Poggs) #4

What’s odd, is that the graphics output from my iPad Pro, is much more detailed than Apple TV 4K. Same chipset!

(Paul Lumley) #5

Exactly. Any additional thoughts? Has Zwift ever given any indication the they could up the setting a little?

(David K) #6

Apple tends to include new driver versions in OS updates, so if you could update tvOS, it may contain an improved version of the tvOS driver.

That’s about it, though. We’ve already got Zwift cranked to take as much advantage of the AppleTV’s hardware as commonly possible.

Even though your MacBook and AppleTV may run the same model of graphics chipset doesn’t mean both devices will work on equal standing. It’s likely there’s functions built into the OSX driver that the tvOS version doesn’t support.

(Paul Lumley) #7

Thanks for the clarification.