Apple TV 4K Issues

(Michael Adams) #1

Just switched from macbook pro app to apple tv 4k. Love the convenience of not having to connect my laptop and setup everything, but, Noticed 2 things right away:

  1. each time i started the app, the wahoo kit unlocked. (yes, I am running the wahoo kickr).

  2. Previous timeline data and base ride numbers from previous rides were not listed at the end of the ride for reference. (not sure if this is a bug or if that information is stored in the app on my laptop).

(tyler schumacher) #2

I had the same issue. Good to know I’m not crazy and the only one. Are you having issues with connecting blue tooth? I can only connect the kickr or the spreed sensor and not the the heart rate monitor. 

(G reenfritos(SVCG)) #3

I noticed #1 recently, but it went away for me.  It was happening only on the London course on Apple TV.  Something is different with he Apple TV app the past week, I’ve had a few issues that I posted separately about.  

Tyler, your only option to connect the Kickr and two other sensors is to use the Mobile App to connect the third sensor.  My suggestion is to use the Mobile App for your HR strap.  Recently I’ve noticed that my cadence or speed sensors drop out momentarily on the app when using it, so it’s better to have those sensors connected directly to the Apple TV.    Apple TV only has two BT connections available.  This is widely addressed “limitation”, DC Rainmaker points this out in his review, as do many others on Youtube and throughout the boards.  It’s an Apple limitation.  

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #4

#1 is definitely something we’re looking in to. #2 this information should be stored on the server. Is this happening for every ride?

(Michael Adams) #5


for #1, I haven’t notice the wahoo kickr kit unlock again but maybe i got used to it and just ignore it. : ) I will attempt to notice if I still see it or maybe someone can chime in.

for #2, it only happened the first time when I switched from using my laptop to the apple tv. All base line reference data for previous ride information has been listed at the end of the ride since I have been using the apple tv.

but, I have noticed maybe a new bug and the definitely most frustrating thing related to using the apple tv…

I seem to keep losing my blue tooth connectivity into the zwift app for either my cadence or heart rate. (I know i am not have a heart rate or cadence issue because I can bring up the wahoo training app and it connects fine) The cadence seems to come back but the heart rate never reconnects even if I go into the pair screen and attempt to connect via apple bluetooth or even through the mobile link app. I think I have isolated it to when switching to the message screen when using the zwift mobile link app and trying to change back to map view. This has happened twice this week and I get no heart rate data which is a bummer for training purposes.

On a side note, it would be nice if once items are paired in the apple tv zwift app, it remembers the pairing so you don’t have to pair every time.


(Sam Kao) #6

Frustrating Bluetooth connection as only 2 is available.
But more frustrating is why power is not consistent? Numbers go up and down.
iPad version works so much better but I really enjoy the convenience of AppleTV.

I found the best work-around is:

  1. Download and sign into Zwift using iPhone’s Zwift companion app.  

  2. Instead of using bluetooth connection on Apple TV, use Zwift companion on iPhone to connect to heart-rate, power-control, power-sensor, and cadence sensor.  

Apple TV Zwift app now works beautifully.  

THERE IS STILL ONE MAJOR BUG - ON Apple TV, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SELECT DIFFERENT TRAINING WORKOUT.  Apple TV controller is unable to select the workouts.  It keeps bouncing back to FTP test.

I hope someone figures out how to do it.

(Winter Mute) #7

I have had the same issue (#2) recently when my wife started riding using her laptop and myself the Apple 4K TV.

She and I would like to ride concurrently. Off topic but does anybody know if I could just run two separate Apple TVs and monitors at the same time?  Would the Apples interfere or confuse each other?



(A T) #8

Having issues with Apple TV 4K Zwift App

When I join a Group Workout, I don’t see any guidelines on the left When you do a regular work out (like Jon’s Mix etc). It shows me as joined the group, but no instructions on what power for how long etc, while shows instructions to everyone else. On the right of screen where there is a list of riders in the group workout, it shoes other riders with the workout icon before their name, but not infant of fine.

How can I fix this?