Apple Silicon M1Max GPU artificially pegged at 35%

On Watopia, which is all I ever ride, the same route, volcano climb:

Has anyone seen GPU usage artificially flat at less than 50%, I mean perfectly flat? Usually GPU use moves around and is at 70% or so. The last few rides have been weird, low frame rates, and low GPU usage. I always restart before using Zwift to give it a fresh start. Nothing has changed on the system.

Frame rate avg 35-40 instead of mid 60s. See screenshots from today if you’re interested.

Very untoward pegging :thinking: Are you on battery, and what is the Zwift battery saver setting set to?

(You might want to hide your mac serial number. It’s probably not a concern with Apple silicon macs but in the past with Intel macs Hackintoshers would copy your serial number down to register a fake mac with iCloud, and that would really mess you up).

Not on battery - plugged in and set to high power mode.

Game battery saver set to Off

It’s weird. I just tried it again, perfectly flat line no matter what’s going on.