Appalling Software Worse Customer Service

So I happily pay Zwift for tier platform - until I decide to do the build Me Up Program. Mid way through the program it stops recognising the rides as Build Me Up and saves the rides to Activities but shows them undone on Build Me Up - I contact Zwift they tell me to reinstall app and then I can say “i did it” on teh ones not recorded - this of course doesn’t save the performance data in the training plan. It then gets worse any workouts I do not only don’t appear as done in they training plan they disappear totally - I refer this to Zwift by email and am asked to and in screengrabs of Build Me Up and Activities which I do - I then get an email back saying query has been passed to another department and 7 days later nothing back despite daily emails asking. So I contact an Ambassador (human shield for accountability) who says yes a well known bug (clearly not so wellknown that anyone with integrity at Zwift might tell yuo before you empty yourself for 12 weeks and hopefully the latest update will help BUT there is o way of reintegrating data and yes he is sorry Zwift customer service can be very slow. In all what should have been a motivating structured taring plan well worth £ a month has been a complete pain in the butt and I advise anyone against trusting their in plans or customer service

Frustrating I’m sure but you are still getting a workout.