App to App comparison

(Max Brenes ODZ (C)) #1

I have to say that you guys do have a leg up to TR, congrats. I have a Minoura L340 and have been using TR for a few months now. I pretty much have everything I needed to get up and running on zwift, just needed to use my company laptop since my old laptop was 32 bit. As a comparison, I used the TR app on my Iphone and zwift on the laptop. After completing the course the only thing I did notice that Zwift number where higher approximately +5/+10 watts.Heart rate and cadence was pretty dead on. What makes the whole thing cool is group ride feel, trying to keep up with someone in the course can be challenging. Keep up the good work. Any tips on lowering the wattage discrepancies? The minoura gives good resistance, go Big Chaingring front small in the back and you really have to work to get to 80+ rpm. What would help is changing the current level of the L340 from L1 to L2.  L2 for me really simulates an outside road feel.  I can’t afford a smart trainer and never road a fluid trainer, but for me and my budget classic trainers win hands down.  PLEASE consider those of us who ARE ON A BUDGET when you start talking about pricing.

(Mark Williams) #2

IMO, they both have their place (Zwift and TrainerRoad). I have been using Zwift since last year and love it. I find it challenging and interesting and fun and… all the obvious things the software is about.

But here’s an interesting thing.

With Zwift I always have the choice about just how hard I go. I would consider myself pretty competitive (at my meagre performance levels) and can generally find someone to chase or drop or whatever. But, I have the choice and there are days when my motivation level doesn’t push me right to the limit.

By comparison, TrainerRoad effectively takes the choice away from me. I pick a workout (I generally use the Sufferfest workouts) and start peddling. And once I have done that I really don’t have a choice about how much effort I put in, since TrainerRoad controls my power (not just the resistance). So, with Zwift I can just choose to slow down. I can’t do that with TrainerRoad since slowing down will increase the resistance - dramatically :slight_smile:

With all that in mind (and this is why your post is somewhat topical for me) I have recently found myself back on TrainerRoad more often, since it is more structured in how it drives me. I know Zwift is considering structured workouts too but it’s not here yet.

So, I think there’s a place for both.


(Mark Hewitt) #3

Agree with the above, my eventual setup I’m hoping for will be to alternate between Trainer Road and Zwift - and riding outside obviously!

Trainer Road is excellent if you just want a hard workout because it hits you hard and doesn’t quit and you come out of it feel dead/great. 

Whereas Zwift is entirely different in that it’s an outdoor riding simulator.