App installed on iPad 2 with iOS v8.1.2 (12B440)

(Steve Paltzer) #1

Short answer, everything worked great!

I logged into the iPad first then Zwift on my laptop. I got my bike setup and paired with the laptop and bike computer (JouleGPS). A few seconds after choosing “Just Ride” and starting to peddle, the App screen automatically switched to the stats screen. After warming up, I swiped to the other screen and choose a few random gestures, and sounds (I did not hear the sounds because I have Zwift on mute and stream music). After a few laps and getting the 50mph achievement I ended and save my ride using the App. I really like ending the ride with the App because I am better able to stop both Zwift and JouleGPS at the same time.

I also installed the App on an iPhone 4S, and will test and review that soon. I look forward to testing the Droid App if I get chosen.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Nice! Please let us know how it runs. You’ll need iOS8 on the 4S in order to download and run TestFlight, FYI.

(Steve Paltzer) #3

I rode with an iPhone 4S today, and functionally it worked the same as on the iPad 2. However, today my ride was interrupted a few times early on. I like having one long uninterrupted file to upload for analysis later, so I choose to stop and discard the few miles I had already logged. After Zwift closed on my laptop, it also seemed to log me out of the App too. The App was still running on the iPhone, but it showed zero riders when I know for sure there were at least 8 people logged in. Once I choose log out from the App menu, and re-logged in the App displayed the list for riders again.

(isaac muniz) #4

What is the name of the app for iOS? Can’t find it !! Thanks

(Steve Paltzer) #5

The mobile app (a.k.a. companion app) was sent out as invational only.

(Paul Amesbury) #6

Could I get an invite for the app. Would love to try it out with my current home setup.

(James Gill | TitaniumGeek) #7

Ditto, is there any chance to get an invitation to the ISO app. Do you just need the UDID?

Anything to save my laptop getting covered in sweat! I’m begging :slight_smile:

(Rick Roof (PNW)) #8

I would like to run this on my iPad too. Our laptop get heavy use at home and the wifey doesn’t want me tying it up to ride. Plus I don’t want sweat all over it.

(B ichael Jackson) #9

I am curious if i can give this a shot. This way i dont have to build a gigantic wooden platform/ bike desk to rest my laptop on (for access). My wife can only take a few more rediculous contraptions, and i dont really feel like burning one if i dont have to.

thanks in advance

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #10

Please request invites via the support channel. Additionally, you can use a music stand for your laptop (we do in the office). :slight_smile:

(Andrea Revelli) #11

I’ve just downloaded the IOS app on my iPhone and my iPad. It works fine. Wonderful idea the new “bikes” Ah! Ah! Ah!

(Amit Egbert) #12

Hi can I get the Beta for the IPad