App freeze on iPad, and many more

New update, new problem… My Nero lost normal resistance in SIM mode, Kickr Core loses few seconds of power data each ride… Today newest version of app freezed, when I was leading event…

Sudenly FPS drops to 0, for 53 seconds. Moving app background and on to the top helps, but I was a leader with 53s time to the peloton.

Do You really think people will use so buggy app?

Hi @Tadeusz_Wlodarczyk_T

I see your email in our support system with a great deal more information in that discussion. Let’s continue to work through your situation via email. I’ll have a look through the very detailed information you sent.

Yes, I have discussion about losing connection with powermeters, when they go to sleep, but this problem seems to be resolved. But new firmware, new problems. Two days ago lost peloton in event, because my Core lost power data for 9 seconds, using my Nero rollers totaly lost sense, because there is no resistance from app in SIM mode, and now this. How many support tickets is enought for one user?

I read through your conversation, and I feel your frustration. Your case has been escalated to Flint, who’s the person that trained me. He’s exactly who’d I’d want helping you. This might take a few more email exchanges, but please continue to cooperate with Flint to unravel your situation. Thanks!