App crashing

(anon63194107) #1

I have opened a support ticket for this too #451 before finding the Forum

I can’t get the app to load, it looks like it’s downloaded the recent releases goes through the motions of opening and then crashes and I get a “Non Responding” message?

Any suggestions?

(Jon Mayfield) #2

The support ticket should give you some of the next steps to try and work around the issue, but I can tell you that currently there are issues with Zwift on 2-3 year old intel drivers with version 8 & 9, and your PC falls in that range. We’re actively trying to make Zwift work on these drivers.

Intel is on version 15 of their drivers now, but often laptop manufacturers lock the PC down to only run versions from themselves, and often they stop publishing updates months after the laptop ships.

(Lottery Discountz) #3

Sounds like I have different hardware with a similar crash to me. My workaround was to remove (Move it somewhere, as you may need it later) the

C:/Program Files (x86)/Zwift/data/configs/basic.txt

and then it starts and runs fine. Your results may vary.