App Crash: is there a way to retrieve the activity?


UPDATE: see edit at bottom.

I was almost finished with a workout (and had JUST completed the Bigger Loop route) when the app crashed. Is there any way to save that data on the server end?

I followed the bug reporting advice: console, crash report, copy/paste, send to customer support… but there was no record of the crash. There was no error window either, the app just disappeared, and the companion app went to the home screen.

Any help would be grand! But I understand if nothing can be done. Never had the app crash on me before, so unclear on what or if anything can be done. (My iOs is not QUITE up to date, I must admit.)

EDIT: after the crash the activity was in the “still in progress” purgatory for a while on the Companion App. Restarting the desktop app I couldn’t rejoin it or close the ride, but after a while it seems to have ended and uploaded on it’s own. NOW the question is, is there a way to get it to talk to Strava? It hasn’t uploaded there yet.

Thank you!


If it hasn’t got there on its own, which is likely under the circumstances you have mentioned, you’ll have to manually upload. If it fails due to an error, use corrupt time fixer to fix it then you should be good.

Thanks! I waited a good bit for it to upload on its own, but eventually had to dig up the .fit file and fix it as you suggested.



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