App companion - Android

Usually used bluetooth connection via app (android) to connect with pc.
From the last update, it loses connection when I change routes. Anyone had the same problem?
It’s a fraction of a second, but it changes the race pace a lot.

Do the drop outs only occur when you make a route decision on the Companion App, or do any other buttons cause the issue as well? If it’s only the route decisions, what happens if you use the mouse to make the selection instead of the Companion App?

I don’t make any decision to switch routes through the app or with a mouse.
I choose the route and automatically it follows the route, but when it changes direction it loses this connection, normally it happens on routes that have few people.
The other actions either through the app or with the mouse do not cause any problems.

Is there a reason that you’re pairing over the Companion App instead of directly to your computer? I’m seeing signs of interference so it might be worth cutting out that extra data traveling over WiFi, if possible, and seeing if it makes any difference