Aplle TV4k no resistance on flat ground

Since the last update I have a strange behavior of DIRETO or rather ZWIFT. On flat terrain, driving on the route. The harder it turns, the resistance decreases. I can’t win more than 100W !!! Front 50 behind 11 twisted like a hamster. When there is an elevation above 1%, Resistance is ok. Resistance increases.

The training is ok ERG works ok

on other programs it’s ok

All this changed after the Yorkshire route update.

  • Elite Direto
  • Apple tv 4K

I’m seeing a similar issue on Apple TV with a Tacx NEO 1.

Power seems low…300W feels like 500W. In erg mod power was staying at 150W as opposed to matching the interval (200W).

I’ve paired the trainer to the TACX app and power reading seems normal. This has started happening after Yorkshire route update

I also have the same thing with a direto using bluetooth and either android or iOS. Resistance on flats lasts for a few seconds and on the hills it comes in and out. Like you erg mod and in my case MyEtraining work as expected. Did you resolve this?

I have the exact same issue fine on climbs cant hold any realistic power on flats. Spin out in the 52/11 and 100% difficulty set on zwift. Any solutions guys.