Anyway to get a "partial ride" to count for totals?

Is there anyway to get a “partial” ride to count for the totals? My internet STB as I clicked “I’m done”.  I was able to find the file and upload to Strava, and it appears in my recents, but weirdly didn’t count it for my totals so it looks like I haven’t ridden.  My internet can be a bit wonky so I feel like this isn’t the last time this will happen.  Also there’s nothing “partial” about this ride as I was done!

Any reply? Have the same problem. A bunch of partials (not Zwift’s fault) that don’t count towards my totals. The difference is now significant…

I’m assuming nobody ever got a response to this question? My wife and I both got shorted about 40 miles last Saturday. I have the info correct in Garmin Connect, Strava, et al but I’d like my Zwift dashboard to show my correct totals.

Same here,how can we fix a partial ride?

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Same thing happened to me yesterday. app crashed with 5 minutes to go in my ride. was trying to get climbing miles for the everest challenge, and lost almost 3k ft of climbing :frowning:

yep, my computer froze today and I only got a partial ride.  But it shows all but two miles in the feed, but the climbing was not applied to the total when I logged back in to see how far I’d moved toward the Tron Bike.  Over 1,100 feet show in the partial ride, why does it not show up?

Had the same issue…

climbin challenge.

computer crash… lost many height meters…and general xp

perhaps automatic every so many seconds or  minutes save of status?