Anyway to get a "partial ride" to count for totals?

(Richard Mable) #1

Is there anyway to get a “partial” ride to count for the totals? My internet STB as I clicked “I’m done”.  I was able to find the file and upload to Strava, and it appears in my recents, but weirdly didn’t count it for my totals so it looks like I haven’t ridden.  My internet can be a bit wonky so I feel like this isn’t the last time this will happen.  Also there’s nothing “partial” about this ride as I was done!

(Krzysztof Kajetanowicz [TeamPL]) #2

Any reply? Have the same problem. A bunch of partials (not Zwift’s fault) that don’t count towards my totals. The difference is now significant…

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #3

I’m assuming nobody ever got a response to this question? My wife and I both got shorted about 40 miles last Saturday. I have the info correct in Garmin Connect, Strava, et al but I’d like my Zwift dashboard to show my correct totals.

(Americo Cacciapuoti WBR) #4

Same here,how can we fix a partial ride?

(Krzysztof Kajetanowicz [TeamPL]) #5

Vote this up guys please. Click on the up arrow next to the icon beside Richard’s name.

(Eddie Wang (C)) #6

Same thing happened to me yesterday. app crashed with 5 minutes to go in my ride. was trying to get climbing miles for the everest challenge, and lost almost 3k ft of climbing :frowning:

(Josh Lewis) #7

yep, my computer froze today and I only got a partial ride.  But it shows all but two miles in the feed, but the climbing was not applied to the total when I logged back in to see how far I’d moved toward the Tron Bike.  Over 1,100 feet show in the partial ride, why does it not show up?

(🏊🏽🚴🏼🏃🏻JJS de Graaf {Swim BIKE Run}) #8

Had the same issue…

climbin challenge.

computer crash… lost many height meters…and general xp

perhaps automatic every so many seconds or  minutes save of status?