Anyone using a Neo 2 with Apple TV?

How many Bluetooth slots does the Neo 2 use on Apple TV?

1 for cadence, power & controllable combined
1 for each meaning I’d need to connect a Bluetooth HRM through the companion app?

The Neo uses one BT slot for power, cadence, and controllable, leaving another open for HRM. I have a Garmin Dual HRM in the other slot.

Excellent thanks for that. How do you rate the setup? I’m considering switching laptop to Apple TV

For me it works well. I do wish the ATV graphics were a bit better for Zwift, but that’s not a huge deal. You will want to force-quit the Zwift app after each use. I switched from laptop to ATV as I tired of taking the computer to the Zwift cave every time I wanted to ride. The ATV connects well to the TV and has a small footprint. I also have an NBC Sports Gold package for watching cycling, and can use that app on the ATV, also, as well as Amazon Prime Video and other services.

One of the key things you may want to look into if you go the ATV route is to set you pr WiFi router to a static channel, instead of letting it constantly search for the best signal. It seems that when the router changes channels Zwift can drop for a few seconds, which can be frustrating on rides/races. There is a thread somewhere in the forum on this. Once I changed to a fixed channel my dropouts stopped completely.