Anyone else having theses two issues with 1.51.0?

  1. my zwift connect no longer works. I’m on the same network. Have rebooted both phones I use and reinstalled the app. It’s frustrating because I like to do workouts and free ride some after my workout is complete. I can’t select where to go without using connect unless I want to unclip, lean over the bars to select a turn.

  2. I typically do my workouts in non ERG mode. I adjust my cadence by changing the trainer resistance using zwift connect (the orange bar to the right of the watts and hr data). . This feature is no longer available it seems on connect and even in the app.

Yesterday for my recovery zone between sets was at 180. it felt like it was in some automatic erg mode if I dropped below 180 (resistance increased to hold 180 even with ERG off when my cadence was slow).

  1. this isn’t much of an issue but I like how you could scroll over the workouts to see how long the sets work (I.e., 100 watts for 20 minutes etc).

Regarding problem number 2 I may just make my power source and resistance connect to my Quarq and just adjust the resistance using wahoo’s kicker app.

Hi @El_Duderino2 welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Apple also released updates to iOS on October 25, same day as Zwift released updates to our main app and Companion app.

Are your two iPhones set to auto-update OS versions automatically? It’s possible that the OS reset some settings that impact the Zwift apps.

  • The Companion app and the main game app “see” each other over WiFi. Make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi signal
  • Check if Apple WiFi Assist is enabled - if it is - disable it so that it’s not trying to cut over to cellular data. That would prevent your two Iphones from seeing each other.
  • Do you have a VPN app running on either phone? Disable it if so.
  • To be thorough - power off and turn on your WiFi router. These things need to be rebooted every now and then.
  • This Support article covers more fundamental issues with Companion app. Please also read through those for possible causes.
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I got it working!

Also, once connect was connected I was able to turn erg off and can now adjust the resistance. It said it was off last night but apparently it was still on.