Any way to use more resistance on a classic trainer for zPower?

(Minho Cho) #1

I own a Tacx Blue Matic(classic trainer), speed sensor, and cadence sensor which are basics needed for zPower estimate. I’ve compared my zPower FTP test result with actual power meter readings and came to a conclusion where the zPower estimate is pretty convincing.


Days are getting cold around here and I’m planning on using my classic trainer and Zwift workout schedules to boost my performance during the off season. The thing is that, however, I have to hit more than 300 watts often for training purposes but the trainer starts to make unbearable noises above 270ish watts. I’m currently living in an apartment and using every means to reduce the noises and vibrations, but I don’t think my efforts won’t keep the guys downstairs from getting furious.


Having that said, I was wondering if there’s any way to utilize zPower on stronger resistance than it is instructed, in order to have less speed on my wheel to reduce noises. Instructed resistance level is 3 for Tacx, while it has 10 levels, and I’m really hoping to use more resistance and get the convincing power readings at the same time. I have looked at software settings for this, but there’s nothing regarding this issue to my knowledge. I think it’d help a lot if Zwift adds a feature where you let the users choose own resistance level.

Anyone has any idea that will help me out?