Any news on controllable trainers

Any news of controllable trainers using FE-C protocol being supported using android

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Same issue here, Zwift support is an absolute joke when it comes to support for Android users!! I use a Fire tablet for companion and understand that it’s a poor man’s ipad, but Android is pretty much the most used operating system in the world. Zwift really need to their finger out…

Zwift actually works quite nicely on mid-to-high end Android tablets.

On my older Xiaomi Mipad 4 (Snapdragon 660 chipset) it was entirely playable, and on my Huawei Mediapad M6 I even have shadows.

Unfortunately decent Android tablets are pathetically scarce. Not much Zwift can do about that.
If some articles are accurate, the upcoming Samsung Tab A7 might be a good bet, IF it actually comes with the Snapdragon 662. That should give it decent Zwift performance, not be stupidly expensive, and also not be available only in China.

As for FE-C on Android, I can’t test anymore, since Huawei broke something needed for the ANT+ services to run.

Sorry Henk, I didn’t make myself clear. I use the fire tablet for companion. But a Samsung S9+ for the app. It has more than enough power to run all aspects of Zwift…

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