Any interest in a before work race series?

I recently tried crit city for the first time and the 20ish minute format really struck me as a great pre work blast. I like how they are scheduled to regularly occur but was thinking there is a gap at the 0600 GMT time slot for Western Europe pre work.

My question is if others would be interested in this time we could request crit city to be run perhaps on a weekly rotation in this time slot?

It’s based in EST but check out the DIRT Baker’s Dozen on Wednesday and DIRT The Season in Sunday’s both start at 5:45am and are great series.

Looks good but unfortunately smack in the middle of the morning at work time wise for those of us in Western Europe. Would be good to have something like that in our time zone!

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Good idea Nick but of course this would be very timezone specific and even then it would not suit me for instance, while in the same timezone I start work earlier. But don’t let that stop you, if I understand Zwift correctly all it needs is a ride leader.

Sorry those are just the America’s AM races. The Baker’s Dozen does have 3 time zones currently available.

Personally I need 5am PT for pre-work races. Have been disappointed that the TdZ races are either 4am or 6am on all days. Some variation would be appreciated (4 and 6 one day, 3 and 5 the next)

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