Any easy way to opt-out the events?

Say I registered/entered a Zwift event scheduled in couple of days. Getting closer to the event date, I realized I can not attend. Is there a way I can opt-out of the event OR just simply not show up?

If I could opt-out, where can I do that? I do not use the companion app if it matters.

That would be the easiest/best way to un-register for an event. I would suggest that route.

How are you signing up in advance then? Website? you can also un-register via the website event link if that is how you are handling it. I still would encourage you to use the companion app, it is so much easier!

Also, you can just not show up… but realize if you are riding at the time of the event you will get the pop-up to join and will automatically join you if you don’t click the “not now” button or whatever it says on screen.

I used to just find an event within the main Zwift app randomly…but recently I have been using zwift website to find events to schedule/book ahead of time…

Now you mentioned about unregister via website, I think I could do that but maybe just have to wait till within 48-hour of the schedule to do so.

Is there some reason you don’t use companion it’s by far the easiest way as you can just swiped left through all your future signed up events.

other ways maybe via zwiftpower profiel shows your signed up events but maybe not for stuff way in the future

Yeah, that is the easiest option.

I figure about 20% of people don’t actually show for events they are signed up for judging by the numbers signed up on the Companion App just before the event starts against the number of people who actually start the event.

The only reason I would even un-register for an event is if I wanted to join another event starting around the same time. It would stop the JOIN NOW message popping up at a possibly inconvenient time.

Too many apps already on phone…

Thanks, good to know!

I’d need somebody else instead of companion it does really make using zwift a better experiecne