Anti sandbagging and other areas that need development and communication

Really looking forward to some actual changes put into production. Just ran into this profile for a race I plan on doing later this morning. This person is signed up in C.


How can you go from C to almost A+!!! SMDH
:rofl: :man_facepalming:


What a farce.

Seem possible.

If he only did group rides over the summer then he would be classified as a C. Now he did a race and are back to his original numbers.

But how it can show C almost A does not seem correct. Math is hard. :joy:

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I guess because you need 3 results don’t you to be set a value.

Without looking he must have 2 results in scope that are way below making his average.

Zwift forced a downgrade 4 days ago; presumably beacuse he upgraded his trainer recently.
If only there was a cleaner way to apply a trainer upgrade so that old results get filetered out…


I’m sure it’s a trainer thing but still shouldn’t you notice that your FTP is inflated by 33% 450 down to 300.
He’s still new at level 14 so we should congratulate him for taking steps to improve his accuracy.



He could manuallly update his FTP.
Alternatively, if Zwift properly used the function I alluded to; the estimated FTP would be based on data from completed events with the new trainer.


Ah the old myth of perpetual improvement.

Not everyone can improve and a lot of riders who get stuck at the bottom of a category they can’t even become competitive in demotivates as much as goals motivate you.

Case in point, i’m now a B based off recent good team time trials, but nowhere near able to compete at the top end of Cs races unless its a tiny field.

Means racing is a complete bust on zwift for me, i can probably still race TTT but otherwise i might as well just solo ride as thats what happens in B races to me anyway. (And even in some C races before UPG).

If your answer is “the rider just needs to get better because of some arbitary w/kg limit” then zwift is always going to have sandbaggers who manage their maths to stay lower levels than they can perform.



No. I know one can only improve so much, and I know If I am a A rider I will be at the bottom. But with any system some will be at the top and some at the bottom.

The reason why you cant compete in C even if you are a low B is because most of the top C’s are sandbagging. Once cats are enforced you will have all of them racing bottom B with you.


While every race will have a winner and a loser, it’s certainly not the case that in any system some will be permanently at the top and others permanently at the bottom of restricted categories. On the contrary, a key aspect of a competently designed system is that this should not happen.

This is much of the problem of zwift racing in a nutshell.


No come on Gerrie, you know better than that…


Lol @gloscherrybomb

You know what I mean. Now how do I rephrase it? To much turkey.

Once you move up in any system you will be at the bottom or atleast close to it.


are most of the top Cs not actually racing B? that’s the only way a B with good race rank can realistically get ranking points, by racing in A. collecting gold trophies for your zp profile or whatever is a different story, though


Gold trophies :slight_smile: ? who would do that ?


i think C has a unique problem compared to A or B. here’s the unfiltered C field from ZP from one of the oh crit races i did yesterday. A+B only had a couple of DQs, from backmarkers. if you’re a C and getting your legs ripped off, i think proper category enforcement from zwift would go a long way to helping you enjoy racing more

Problem with that image is, as bad as that is it doesn’t show those not signed up to Zwiftpower so in reality it is worse than that.

The Deeside race on Wednesday night C cat was won by someone pushing 5wkg for the entire race who wasnt in Zwiftpower.


I thought everyone was auto enrolled now, as some profiles say ‘not registered with Zwiftpower’.

Not in the ZP results from an event.

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Two points. First it would be nice if zwiftpower had an option to let organizers allow for race ranking to be done across all categories in a mass start race instead of across each category separately. That would allow 3R type races to be much more effective at getting people ranked properly against all of the people they race against. Currently, we need to go single category E (e.g. Herd Winter Series) to achieve this. I may move EVR races to that.

Second, simply using zwiftpower ranking (or the much better improved hopefully Elo based ranking when it becomes available) would eliminate a lot of the issues WRT to moving up based on (for example) a good TT result when you can’t really compete well in your current category.