Anti sandbagging and other areas that need development and communication

Also from the DCR post, wondering what this means for community races…

Semi-related to all of that, and with no particular place for me to stash it, I’ll note that Zwift says that starting in November they’re going to be running a new race series that’ll add far more races to the daily calendar – somewhat like the ZHQ races, but with more availability when you log into the game.

As to the roadmap etc. in general, finally!

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Zwiftcast @ 48:40 Talking about racing “20% of Zwifters now compete

I would bet if racing is better controlled we would see closer to 50%


Permission to remain cynical on this being any more than talk ( and to a closed audience that is now shared out ) than Action until it actually happens . That will be a pretty radical shake up and turn around and I just haven’t seen that being demonstrated … well ever .

But fair shout now , cards are on the Table . November it is … Make or Break.

To be fair, the article states early 2022 for the most part. I don’t think we’ll see much other than the new roads (yawn) in November.


As software product development is my world the speed of development has always suggested a major rewrite going on in the background. It’s highly unlikely the UI could change this much without one. If the new platform works (big IF in the early days) then there is definitely hope for faster dev in the future. For now I too remain a little cynical but hopeful


I think they have promised also new “race” events in November . So if they are entering the racing arena you would hope its on the basis of offering something different and innovative , that has listened to customer feedback and observation from the data they must have to do so .

We can judge the scale , velocity , alignment and direction of travel based on how that looks I think.

It looks to me like they are just using the products they are already using for web content (zwift-web-core) on the game web portal so its not really a major rewrite just adoption.

I just hope their new ZHQ events aren’t the only ones that get access to new features and ignore the community but sounds positive so we’ll see what comes next month.

and as well as creating new events they need to clear down all the junk events with low numbers that organisers never change.


I am with you on that . Most innovative applications embrace user created content so lets hope that its not going in the direction you (we) dont want to see .

This is a way forward but there are still many questions of which the answers will hopefully come over the following weeks.

  1. Is this the beginning of the end for community racing as we have seen it. Could all racing eventually be ZHQ / partners only. This would save the Zwiftpower / Events team a lot of work.
  2. Using Teams we will be able to organise our own races / leagues.
  3. How will the results be reflected, will they be in Zwiftpower or do we end up with a rider being in one Cat due to promotion in a Teams league but in a lower Cat in Zwiftpower. That opens the door for even more sandbagging.
  4. How will this be reflected if we ever see a results based system.
  5. At present when we set a race / ride up we have to use two procedures, I do the basic set up under Events and then have to go to Zwiftpower for the race specifics .e.g. points allocations, primes, race parameters.
  6. If you set up a series in “Teams” will you still have the same tool set as we have used in the past or will you be limited as we were 6 years ago and back to spreadsheets for results.
  7. Will this be extended so the only group rides we see are Teams defined. Most group rides at the lower levels are a great introduction to the platform and those riders will not be members of any club.
    The system could be a very good way forward if it complements the present system and still gives the user the ability to set up their own races / rides reflected in Zwiftpower.

Maybe community events will be moved under the clubs umbrella (open invitations with links would certainly make that feasible), leaving only generic ZHQ and :moneybag::moneybag: sponsor events as “open” or promoted events. (And the ZRL, of course.) Attendance is a key element of race quality and ease of discovery is obviously a key factor there.

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I think there will be the following formats:

  1. Zwift/WTRL organised races
  2. Community organised races that are public - published on the global race calendar, approved by Zwift
  3. Clubs based events - anyone can set these up without Zwift approval. Private but can be shared publicly with a URL

The Clubs functionality can be used to administrate 2 & 3.

Will there be a merging of 2 & 3? Maybe longer term, but I would imagine it will stay as the above for the medium term. Therefore events organised using clubs would be outside of ZwiftPower/Rankings/Category management etc.

There should then be a smooth process to promote popular Clubs event to the global platform, and relegate poor performing events to the Clubs platform.


If Zwift Clubs & Zwiftpower Clubs don’t align, where does this leave Zwiftpower long term and then where will these private events results be published?

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I guess the private event results won’t be published (unless the event organiser chooses to manually).

So to get the full functionality you would need your event to be published.

That said, if proper in-game category enforcement was put in place, there wouldn’t be a great deal of benefit using ZwiftPower anyway.

All guesswork, but this how I see it unfolding. For full functionality you would still need your event to be published.

For now I’m giving him the benefit of fat fingers but as we all know, this shouldn’t be possible.


Where is the source references for this or are you speculating here ? Certainly nothing has been officially posted to allow any confidence on this being the case , just rumours or non committed “expectations” on marketing blogs.

Event id=2258036 says otherwise. sigh


That’s really poor form… Not the first time either, some of the other C races he entered he was top 10 finishing so would have impacted the race and ‘true’ C racers.

If the Zwift Event Director or race Director is Sandbagging then you can see why so little effort is placed in fixing this…


More so as some of these are chase races too.

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That’s really funny to be fair. And not even marginally over.

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