Anti sandbagging and other areas that need development and communication

Like to consider this as a positive however such a person was recruited in February (we were told) so it doesnt neccesarily equate to delivery . Perhaps that person has been fired for not delivering but equally could have moved on because it was not possible to deliver due to zings.

Lets see , If he meets the stated candidate requirements would expect pretty rapid and radical changes to approach and engagement . If that doesnt happen we will know that zings are not going to let him use his experience to get this done .


Not only do you have 1000 posts on here saying the same thing, you now have a carbon copy of this thread on Facebook…

I’m sure, if you really really look, you might find a similar pattern in all those comments.


@Charlie_Issendorf have you had a look at this thread, following on from your Facebook post in Zwift Racers? Facebook Groups
It would be interesting to hear your views.

@Mark_Cote @shooj @xflintx can anyone tell us what’s going on? It’s getting beyond a joke now - we’re now well into the new Zwift season and what has improved fundamentally since March 2021?

As has been stated many many times, racing on Zwift and the communities that power it are one of its biggest assets in terms of PR and marketing. It might be a minority that race, but I really think that the drive and passion that come from the racing community are worth so much more than that. Just look at what has been created / evolved by them, in spite of the sh1tty tools that the long established racing organisers* have been hamstrung with. How much could they do with a bit more help from you guys?

X rider passes Y banner first and gets Z points, on screen leader board updated in close to real time - all configurable - imagine the scope for Fast is Fun there!



This made me laugh, I placed 37th on Zwift but 14th (filtered) on Zwift-Power. Here’s why (unfiltered);

The fella that placed 13th even had the front to message the group in the starting pen and say “Any Cat A or B riders in here?… shame on you.” :rofl:
It’s not riders having a one off decent race that has placed them over category, the Category field in the 2nd screenshot shows most of them are well above C…. tut tut


Latest Zwiftcast has come out with some cracking understatements and insights pertinent to this thread , go listen if you have an hour;

“I would like to see more people innovating within our platform. And I think part of that is just…we’re not making that particularly easy for people to do that.”

How out of touch is that . Just a quick scan of this ( and similar threads ) would quickly make anyone realise the truth is more . Not making it particularly easy ? Try not making it possible at all. At least I guess they recognise failure , question is will that result in more than words and will we see anything done about it .

It also covers the whoas and problems with creating there fabled hardware folly project ., IMO the reason why nothing (literally) is being done to really innovate in the software espace . Why its not delivered and given the state of the worlds supply chain probably wont for some time . But the most eye dropping insight appears to be a driver for dropping the ball for this project is this idea that existing hardware suppliers are not innovating and zwift wants to push the boundary on that . Really ! Do we have to list the number of hardware innovations that zwift failed misreable to support , or stuck in the manyana world of futureworks to bobble about in the bottom of the barrel until everyone got bored waiting.

Spoiler alert - publically anway , not going to drop this lost cause but suck it up and keep trying… Lets hope that common sense and the urgent need to address core business means privately that will loosen up at least.

Obviously we are not party to the commercial and other relationships between zwift and the existing hardware suppliers but I suspect they need to (should be) working closely with them. The above probably is a risky strategy to be putting out there IMO.


Which Zwiftcast is that? Sounds like that was the Eric Min interview in episode 90 from 6th October last year. Episode 100 is the latest from Sep 29 2021.

Just goes to show that a year has passed and nothing has happened.

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I think Jon makes it clear in this interview that the sudden growth of Zwift and the VC backing has killed any scope for innovation. He basically openly asks for people to innovate and create some meaningful competition.

I think at some point we HAVE to see the fruits of the labours. The team is now huge, and it’s not like they’ve been producing lots but missing the mark - they haven’t produced anything (in terms of rider experienced features - and no I don’t count being able to pick a new route without exiting the game and a route progress bar). In some ways I’m happy that the job interview posted says all the right things, but if that person comes in and will be starting from scratch, any meaningful improvement is a long long way off.

Hanging my hopes in the shorter term on the new pack dynamics. Let’s hope they mix the racing up in a good way.


i doubt it, seriously. fundamentally the best place to draft is the same place it always has been - right at the back. the best thing they can do with regards to pack dynamics is to allow solo riders to descend at similar or possibly even marginally faster speeds than huge groups

in fact anything that stops this happening would be an improvement

Yes I agree that would help. I’m hoping that if the pack dynamics work as they could, effort can be better managed to hold a position, for a pack to keep accelerating it would require riders to intentionally work harder.

One of the problems at the moment is that you put in an effort to move forward in the pack, not going past the front, but on the server you may be at the front of the pack accelerating it. The pack is accelerating all the time without anyone conscious that they’re doing it. This is exaggerated on descents. The new pack dynamics may make races a bit more tactical rather than just do what you can to hold the front group and sprint at the finish regardless of your own strengths.

Will be interesting to see anyway - Zwiftcast suggested it was due for wider release in October.

I’m not one to leave comments on rides but… :thinking:

1st place tonight

4th place (DQ’d in ZP)

Which bit are you highlighting in the video?

it should be timestamped, but the descent from the radio tower starting at around 25 minutes where the rider (ikeda, a lightweight premier league rider) gets dropped with absolutely no way of preventing it happening.

i could write a big essay on why descents in general are what really kill zwift physics though, it’s not just stuff like that. I had a 35 second solo gap at the top of the final KOM in a ZRL recon race yesterday, and I had to ride the 3 minute long descent at 4.5wkg to hold off a group of maybe 5 people. i still almost got caught


Is this the same as IRL? I’m not exactly light (about 72kg at the time), but have had trouble following people in long steep descents IRL.

I’m not hugely experienced racing on Zwift, although I race at a decent level when I do (I recently won a Cat A sprint Crit which is meant to be too flat and absolute watts driven for my type, from what I read) but at 66kg I don’t seem to struggle to hold on on flats and descents (I never raced off the radio tower, maybe that extreme a gradient would be different) in the way people suggest (or maybe 66kg isn’t low enough)

So with that context, back to the video was there really nothing he could do? I mean he could have pedalled sooner, surely? (genuine question as he’s clearly better that me and will know the tactics better than me) And anyway as a somewhat lightweight myself it’s the same in real life, my big friends descend naturally quicker than I do (my 75kph is typically their 85)

prem league rules require a 50% trainer difficulty setting, so for him, no, i don’t think there’s anything he could have done on a gradient that steep. but generally speaking, if you’re a light rider, the workaround i’ve found works best (i’m 54.5kg) is to ride high z2/tempo downhill and never supertuck. but you have to have your trainer difficulty slider set to maybe 20% at most or you just spin out on any significant gradient

the bigger problem though is that the pack descends so much faster than a single rider, regardless of the individual rider weight. there’s almost no incentive for anyone, regardless of their weight, to attack off the front on a hill. on a real descent, a bunch often descends slower than a single rider, because well, they have to brake for a corner, and ride single file. in zwift you get this huge bunch of riders taking hairpins at terminal velocity while getting the full bunch draft from each other, and huge gaps get wiped out on even the shortest descents


‘This Season on Zwift’

Certainly a big step forward sharing a roadmap. Good signs.

Another note from the event - '20% of Zwifters now compete’

Link a brother up?

I’d recommend listening to the ZwiftCast too

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Cheers - that’s certainly encouraging. I’d like to have heard more about some of the oft discussed topics from this thread though!