ANT+ HRM drops constantly in Windows 11

Using: Windows 11, ANT+, Garmin HRM

To be clear, I have an old Windows 10 setup where everything had been working perfectly (except for major lag from the oldness). I recently got a Windows 11 miniPC and went to join a workout, my HRM wouldn’t connect at all. Super annoying because then I get dropped from any results and can’t race, and you know, it’s helpful for measuring effort and all that. Today I tried connecting things 20 min early, at some point I got some connection to my HRM, then it dropped connection, but it HAD found it so I figured after enough sweat maybe it would stay on. Did a 1 hour ride, it would connect for 1 second then immediately drop, 3x over the course of 1 hour.

Spent all morning trying things I found on the forums: Replaced HRM batteries. Washed HRM with Dawn. Reinstalled ANT+ drivers. Updated my video card drivers even. Unplugged/replugged everything. Windows updates. Restarted computer.

Additionally, the HRM is detected fine by the Win10 computer, my watch, even other programs on my Win11 computer. Just not by Zwift.

@anybody: I’m stuck and need more things to try??

UPDATE: was a line-of-sight issue. New pc had electronics/fan between ANT+ stick and me. When placed in a powered usb hub away from pc it connects