Ant+ hill sim lost?


Have changed from BT to a ANT+ Antenna (USB PC) so I do not have to
use my Android phone as a bridge. The connection is now much more stable, no signal lost at all, as before over bluethooth. It finds my Wahoo Kickr snap 17 pretty fast and also my cadense sensor. But the problem is that the trainer have stopped simulated hills up and down on Zwift. Can not find any settings to fix this. Worked perfect with BT (except signal lost  sometimes and forced to restart ). What am I doing wrong, or is it some kind of problem with the communication between the trainer and antenna?  Watt and cadense seemt to be working like it should.

Is it any other requierments except USB2 that is needed for the ANT+ antenna dongle to sim hills?
Have also noticed since the change from BT to ANT+ that the Watt info is more up and down now. Changes fast for example between 150-190 watts dispyte it feels like i am spinning on same power. Is this becase of the antenna? does other brands read the watt power more stable?

Grateful for some answers






Are you pairing it using ANT+ FE-C?

The trainer supports ANT+ FE-C. Can not get info from Tacx if the antenna supports FE-C. But yesterday I discovered if I run the Zwift app on my Samsung phone with Android, everything works normalt. BT off, both PC and Phone. If I run only PC againt the trainer the auto restistens does not work, but watt and cadense works. Howcom?

I though you only needed the Phone Swift app running when using Bluetooth. Thought the ANT+ spoke directly to the trainer with all the functions.

Anyway, works much more stable with “ANT+ antenna - phone - trainer”, compared to “BT - Phone - trainer”.




Remove your trainer in the pair screen, then re-add it.