ANT+ dropouts related to bandwidth use!?!

I noticed today that while downloading stuff at full speed on a laptop (over wifi to router) and trying to startup Zwift on a HTPC (wired ethernet to router) it is almost impossible to get ANT+ devices to bind and get any riding done on swift.

The laptop was downloading at around 5-6 Mb/s which is close to maximum over wifi and my 100Mbit connection. If I throttle down the bandwidth use on the laptop suddenly the HTPC with zwift starts to behave and there are no ANT+ dropouts anymore!

Please could others test also - just load your internet connection more or less (both in up and down-load directions) and see what happens with ANT+ devices. Quite confusing that Zwift reacts to bandwidth starvation with sensor dropouts! As argued before it would be better to have an indicator in the UI that shows the quality of the connection (or any ports, firewall issues etc) to zwift servers. ANT+ dropouts and bandwidth/firewall issues should not be coupled like this!

ride on.