ANT+ Data - Update means NO DATA IN LOG FILE

Why in Watopia’s green earth would Zwift end recording of ANT+ data in the log file with this update? Thanks, Zwift, for removing useful data for those of us who use that data to help troubleshoot ANT+ connections (sarcasm). Now, an entirely useful aspect of zwiftilizer(dot com) is gone.

I’d hope this is an unintended consequence of a different change; but it seems unlikely that a change would cause logging of events to stop.

Just had first ant+ dropout in 4 years. The day after the update and now I can’t analyse the log file.
My suspicious mind tells me there’s a known ant+ issue with this update and they don’t want people to be able to easily identify the issue with the update.
My non suspicious mind says I’ve had a very random dropout that coincides with the new update.

They did change the libraries again this time:


It may seem unlikely to you, yet it’s true.

Unbelievable. Getting a strong Ant+ signal in the cave has always been a dark art, and now I’m back to sacrificing poultry! I’ll add a feature request to get it re-added.


Exactly. At least when the data was available you could isolate attempted fixes to measure the improvement. Let’s just say that I’m glad I sorted out ANT+ signal issues prior to this data log change.

Hey everyone, quick update on this. This was an unintentional change and we are working to restore the ANT+ diagnostic data to the log files ASAP. Expect it in the next patch.

Again, sorry for the mix up on this one.


Good news, thanks. Sounds like a fair few issues with the new ANT+/BLE files, from reading around various places.

Phewf, Thanks Wes! zwiftalizer lives on.


Thanks Wes. Looking forward to the patch!


How about adding Zwiftalizer to Zwift’s QA list?