Ant+ connection issues with Panasonic cordless house phones

Very strange, but tonight I had numerous connection issues with my speed/cadence sensors. A few reboots and things seemed to be fine.

I find out after my ride that my wife was on a phone call and her call quality was very poor. So poor she had to call back and eventually gave up trying.

So putting things together. 1+1=2. I am thinking there is some interference issues between our house phones and Ant+ sensor.

Anyone else experienced this issue?

My equipment:
Macbook Pro 13"
Mid 2009
Suunto Ant+ USB
Garmin GSC10

House phone:
Panasonic - kx-tga660
Standard: DECT 6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications 6.0)
R Frequency range: 1.92 GHz to 1.93 GHz
R RF transmission power: 115 mW (max.)

Hmm, very interesting, Kyle. Good to know! If anyone else has weird interference issues, please post them up!

Just posted my issue as a new one. I am not sure if it is zwift or interference.


Having issues with 2 separate set ups with ANT issues. One is a PC one is a Laptop. The ANT connection is stable for 20-30 minutes and then gets progressively worse to the point all connections are dropping. Set up one is a dumb trainer with Stages, HRM. Second is a Kickr, Garmin Cad Sensor, HRM. Both are same issues. Both have a 1m extension for the USB.