Another tour another crash

(Nick Brennan) #1

So, riding the California stage 1 this morning, the event crashed 4.9k in while I was making good progress through the rankings. Suddenly all other riders and the ranks disappeared and I was left riding solo.

This has happened before, so I knew to leave and rejoin the event, however at this point lost the ability to ride in a place because zwift then fails to recognise that I’ve been riding the full event.

Incredibly frustrating, given several of us reported this bug back in March on the tour of Watopia, although far more frustrating last time when I was 40k in at the time.

Come on Zwift, do you guys write code or flip burgers? The bug seems to occur on iPads, I’ve had it on a2015 iPad air previously, and today on a brand new iPad Pro. It only happens on large group events, the application is otherwise completely stable in all other modes. 

Please can someone acknowledge this bug and raise a case to get it fixed!

(Steven D) #2

Hi Nick,

I understand your frustration and I’ll try to offer some insight.

In truth, the most common reason why you won’t see other riders is because of your Internet connection. Either you’ve been disconnected from the Internet, a firewall is blocking you, or you have a proxy/VPN enabled.

As a basic first step, try resetting your router. Next, if your Internet connection is otherwise stable, check your firewall and create an exception for Zwift to see if that makes a difference (this includes your anti-virus firewall, router firewall, and modem firewall).

And if you have a proxy or VPN, try disabling that. Your router firewall should allow all incoming/outgoing Zwift TCP traffic on ports 80 and 443 and all Zwift incoming UDP traffic on port 3022.

If that doesn’t help, please submit a support ticket and one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to further troubleshoot this issue.

(John Quick) #3

Same thing happened to me. Coming around at the waterfall the screen started getting jittery, and the next thing I’m 10 seconds behind the group I was riding with. The group actually rode through the buildings at the corner with the cobbles This happened on all three laps and I lost time on each.  Don’t go saying it’s my internet connection. This is on your end.


(Nick Brennan) #4


Yes it is a little harsh, but then you ignored 6+ of us back in March. I work in the trade, it’s not my internet connection, it’s not my router, my lan, my WiFi. See my note, I was immediately able to rejoin, seems to be weight of numbers when it starts getting heated, specifically with iPads. Do however appreciate the response, will give stage 2 a go tomorrow and see how it fairs, will raise a ticket otherwise.

Amazing product otherwise, I’ll still recommend you to anyone who listens.


(Gerrie Delport) #5

Nick you seem to hit the nail on the head. Your IPad is the weak link lots of movement on the screen and the tiny processor can’t keep up. 

Do you have the latest IPad or is it just up to spec. I would also suggest deleting all other apps that may be running in the background taking CPU power.

Zwift has done a lot of work to make it run on these processors. Zwift is a very graphics intensive game and the fact that it run on a IPad is awesome, but any other software on the iPad may be reducing performance.


John : same response, event the fastest internet wont be enough if your device is not up the the job.


Drop you log.txt file in to and see your device performance. That may help pinpoint the problem

(John Quick) #6

I ran my logfile at zwiftalizer. No dropouts,ant+ signal was perfect. If you want a copy, I can send you one. I bought this machine specifically to run Zwift. I have no kids online, or other machines running at the same time. Just frustrating that this happens.

(Gerrie Delport) #7

John would you mind posting a screenshot so we may try to help.

It is not the ant+ connection that cause the issue but rather the FPS (frames per second). If your average FPS is very low on a standard ride then with a big group like a tour it may drop to close to 0 and that will make your device lock up or crash.

(John Quick) #8

(John Quick) #9

lowest frame rate is 27. and that was once.

(Gerrie Delport) #10

Was that the ride that crashed?

(John Quick) #11

5-13. yes

(John Quick) #12

Stage 1 ATOC

(Nick Brennan) #13

@Gerrie brand new iPad Pro bought for zwift. Crashed again this morning warming up for ATOC stage 2, did suggested fix and closed all BG apps and the event ran fine thanks :-) 

I’ll leave this thread to John as you have diags, but one further question, is there a way to retrieve log.txt from iPad without jail breaking it?

(Gerrie Delport) #14

Sorry for the late reply John, but I am a bit stumped. Do I understand it correct that you were able to continue riding after the crash at 12pm (on the graph)?


My guess is that the graphics card got overloaded and dropped the FPS as far as possible once it got to 27fps you lost all other riders. 

You may want to try to dial you resolution down one step and see if it is better with big groups.

I could not find a lot of benchmarks on zwiftalizer for your particular graphics card.


(John Quick) #15

 As soon as I reached the waterfall before the tunnel(watopia), the graphics got jittery. As you make the right hand turn onto the cobbles, the other riders ahead disappeared, then would start popping out of the buildings. Then it would freeze for a second, and the group I was with would be 10 seconds up the road. But the freeze time would last two seconds, and the group would be about 10 seconds ahead. I was with a fairly large group each time. I already went in and changed some setting with the graphics card, so maybe that will take care of this problem. At the time I was angry because I was in the top 50, and you know once you lose a wheel, your done. We’ll see how it goes.

(Gerrie Delport) #16

John I hope that changing the settings help you. If it does not then I would suggest upgrading your graphics card, It look like you have a descent computer otherwise.  I have a GTX 960 and run on ultra with no problems. 

I know the feeling last week I was in a Zwift CVR race and my chain dropped 3 times and I had to work very hard to get back in the group.

(John Quick) #17

Thanks for the reply’s. My card is good, but the settings were set too low. Hopefully.