Another Perfect Ride

Again, everything is working like it should. Stepped away from the bike 10 minutes into the ride and came back. Sync’d everything up again from the “I’m Done” page and took off again. Program was controlling the Kickr on resume like it should.

What I have done different in the past few days:
1.)Dongle is laced through the front wheel now. (I have used it with dongle coiled up next to the computer and without the extension wire at all.) Having it that much closer to the devices is much better.
2.)Note: From the I’m Done page that pops up when you stop pedaling, if you hit the Im Done button by accident, hit Esc key to keep from closing program and start pedaling again.
3.)After stepping away and resuming a ride the clock will have stopped on the program timer and resumes with pedaling but the strava time will show total time elapsed from start to finish.

Hi Brook,

Glad to hear you’re enjoying your time on Zwift Island! #3 is an interesting case that I don’t believe I’ve noticed before.

I’ll ask our devs to see if there’s anything we can do about that.