Another crash = another lost ride

this’s not the first time zwift crash during a ride, on neokyo event it happened 5 time on 4th stage and I didn’t had the badge and the full prize, today it crashed on -8km to go in london pretzel.

When u ask to support how can they fix the problem u have a lot of promise but no solution.

At the time i spend 15€/month for a game that doesnt run as it need. I ride the event e/o the course but I can have a badge/prize/xp as I rode because the program crash.


Hi @Michael_Scotti_TEAM

I understand your disappointment and app crashes are not a fun thing to have happen in Zwift.

You can try the troubleshooting steps in this article to see if that helps, but when it comes to app crashes, it’s oftentimes the type of issue where Zwift Tier 2 technical support is better equipped to assist you.

Sometimes we can authorize crediting a badge or item if you were almost done with the ride when the crash occurred, and in these cases we can sometimes credit an account for these things. This is handled on a case-by-case basis but again, reach out to our support team for help with this.

You can contact our support team here.